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Of all the dietary and nutritional claims pitched to us, what can we believe? How does cinnamon affect your health? How splendid is Splenda? Should you buy farmed, wild, or canned food? What's fishy about fish-oil supplements? Will a diet of Twinkies and M&Ms lead to weight loss? Water from a tap or from a plastic bottle- which should you choose, and which is better for the environment? Should you carry your groceries home in plastic or brown paper? We all have questions, and Dr. Joe Schwarcz has the answers in this delicious blend of science and myth-busting. As entertaining as it is relevant, A GRAIN OF SALT is guaranteed to satisfy your hunger for palatable and relevant scientific information. bestselling author Dr. Joe Schwarcz separates fact from fiction in this collection of new and updated articles about what to eat, what not to eat, and how to recognise the scientific basis of food chemistry.

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Data wydania 10 paź 2019
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