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Better Business Relationships


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Business success is reliant on being able to get on with people. No matter what the role in an organization, the ability to influence, persuade, motivate and encourage others to act effectively is vital. Better Business Relationships brings together a wealth of knowledge and practical advice, from psychology and management to communications and sales, in order to provide insight and guidance to both new and more experienced workers alike, who may be dealing with both internal colleagues and external clients and suppliers.

As technology advances and automates business processes across industries and roles, communication skills and the ability to form meaningful, constructive professional relationships is at risk of becoming a dying art. With the rise of social media, automation and artificial intelligence, there is worldwide concern that we risk losing the human factors that are needed for individual and organizational success. Kim Tasso provides practical and essential insight on: * Understanding yourself and other people; * Learning how to change; * The fundamentals of good communication, * How relationships are formed and conflict management; * Working with people and teams internally; and * Working with people externally and selling.

Better Business Relationships is ideal for anyone who wants to improve their relationships at work and gain a greater understanding of critical social and communications skills required to succeed in any professional environment.

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