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Born Lippy: How to Do Female

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A darkly funny guide to life as a woman from Britain's favourite comedian.

Jo Brand started life as a good girl, became a bad one for quite a bit, but now she's gunning for Reformed 'Man Hater' turned National Disgrace. Being grumpy enables her to react in a perfectly reasonable way to things that in the past she would have suppressed for the sake of keeping the peace/being polite/not making someone angry. Starting comedy at thirty (and as an ex-psychiatric nurse) also meant she gave much less of a toss about what other people thought of her. The host of several TV shows including the award-winning Channel 4 show, Through The Cakehole, Jo has made legendary appearances on many others from Have I Got News For You to Would I Lie To You to QI. She is married, has two daughters and lives in London

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