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Calligraphy, 2nd Revised Edition

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Your practical guide to learning classic calligraphy!

12 step-by-step projects from practice pieces for beginners to more elaborate and challenging designs
4 major alphabets, explained and illustrated in detail, to help you practice various styles of calligraphy
Expert advice on pens, inks, papers, and techniques for both beginner and advanced letterers
Create beautiful cards, calendars, letterheads, and wall hangings that are uniquely your own
If you've ever wanted to learn the techniques of creating beautiful calligraphy, now's the time! Calligraphy: A Guide to Classic Lettering, Second Revised Edition will provide you with the practical advice and guidance on materials, tools, and proper methods that you need to get started.

A guide to mastering the pen, all the instruction you need is inside this book, from which tools and materials (both traditional and modern) to buy to how to set up a comfortable workspace. You'll be introduced to basic pen strokes, the most frequently used scripts, and guidelines for writing each one. With the four included alphabets as examples of the major scripts and the 12 step-by-step projects, you'll learn how to create stunning greeting cards, place cards, a multilingual calendar, letterhead, a wall hanging, and more. Whether you have little or no experience in calligraphy, after some time spent practicing and perfecting the basics, you'll soon see elegant letters flowing from your pen.

Inside this book, author and professional lettering artist Margaret Morgan will provide you with all the essential skills you need to enjoy and thrive in the beautiful art of calligraphy. With useful tips on everything from ruling up to write, letter spacing, sharpening nibs, and essential design skills, you'll learn to push the boundaries by experimenting with unusual new tools and to create dramatic effects with resist techniques, textured backgrounds, and gilding. The beautiful photography and included designs will inspire both those familiar with the art of lettering and aspiring calligraphers alike.

Step away from the digital world, rediscover the forgotten art of handwritten letterforms, and explore the exciting possibilities of pen, paper, ink, and paint to create lettered gifts that will be uniquely yours, with Calligraphy!

"This book is a wealth of information from an artist with the experience to back it up. Anyone looking to learn calligraphy in its truest forms will find this resource as their ultimate companion! There is nothing Margaret doesn't cover in Calligraphy."
—Kiley Bennett, author of Super Simple Hand Lettering

"As someone who lives, breathes, [and] eats hand lettering, this book sparks so much joy! It's so thorough and is really the perfect guide for people who want to learn or perfect their lettering skills."
—Deirdre Luzzi (@DeirdreTheDesigner/deirdrethedesigner.com), Hand Lettering Artist

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