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Channelled Messages from Deep Space

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How are we doing as a civilization? Are we missing anything? Why are societies so deeply divided? What happened to the many advanced cultures that preceded ours, evidenced by the impressive, mysterious ruins that litter the globe? Are there sentient beings visiting us from other planets, and if so, why haven't they made themselves known? Is there a God like the one we've been taught to believe in? And how far might spirituality take us, or does science hold the key to progress? We all ask questions like these not even expecting answers - but what if answers existed? What if we found them? Would we recognize the truth once uncovered? Enter Frank: a collective of eight beings from a distant planet who know what we're going through because they've been there too. Their civilization, once beset by many of the same challenges we face, has now advanced to a point where they can offer an informed and compassionate perspective on our trials, tribulations and triumphs here on Earth. In this book they share their wisdom with Mike Dooley, one of today's most celebrated New Thought leaders, with medium Tracy Farquhar serving as their channel.

Frank answers questions about life on their planet, Brahoshka, ranging from culture to technology to food supply; pressing earthly matters, including the political and social realities we're facing now; the power of imagination, meditation and prayer; and what we can do to make our changing world a better world.

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