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Color Outside The Lines

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Race is an inescapable facet of daily life for millions across the world. Our new political climate has shed life on how divisive the issues surrounding it can become, and how much we still have to learn. As the number of interracial couples, marriages, and mixed-race families grows, it's more important than ever to see these relationships on the page. Young people in interracial relationships and families can feel set apart from those around them. Some of the stories bred from this dynamic are wonderful, others awkward, and yet others traumatic, but all are richly telling. Color Outside the Lines brings together diverse, talented YA voices, including Samira Ahmed, Adam Silvera, Anna-Marie McLemore, Lori Lee, and Elsie Chapman, to reflect on interracial relationships. While focusing predominantly on POC voices, the anthology also includes LGBTQ+, religious, minority, and disability intersectionality, and it's stories range in tone and genre, from light-hearted contemporary to darker fantasy.

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Data wydania 14 lis 2019
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