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Faster, Fewer, Better Emails

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Manage the Volume, Reduce the Stress, Love the Results

Business communication expert and bestselling author Dianna Booher shares practical wisdom on how to write effective emails that get results and how to organize your emails to gain control and increase your productivity.

The majority of business writing is email writing. Yet many of us still struggle to write effective emails that get results. And we feel overwhelmed by the volume of email we receive to the point where we feel like we are in email jail! In this book, you will learn how to:

Compose actionable emails quickly by following Booher's philosophy of Think First, Draft Fast, and Edit Last
Write brief emails so they get read and get a quick response
Organize a common-sense file storage system that helps you find documents and emails quickly to attach and send
Present a professional image when you email prospects, customers, and coworkers
Be aware of legal liabilities and security risks as you send and receive email

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