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Get Programming with Haskell


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Unlike any other programming language, Haskell is purely functional with a strong type system and lazy evaluation. It is arguable the most interesting language but also has the reputation of being one of the most challenging to learn. Learning Haskell doesn't have to be difficult, and this book can help!

Get Programming with Haskell introduces you to the Haskell language without drowning you in academic jargon and heavy functional programming theory. By working through 43 easy-to-follow lessons, you'll learn Haskell by doing Haskell. This book starts with first concepts, building your knowledge with concrete examples and exercises. You'll learn to think the Haskell way, as you start to understand the language and how to use it effectively. And you'll really appreciate the crystal-clear illustrations, quick-checks, and open-ended tasks that make sure you're solid on each new concept before you move along!

• Full of interesting examples
• Easy approach to functional programming basics
• Write safe, predictable code with fewer bugs
• Lots of illustrations and exercises

Readers should have some experience with JavaScript, Python or
Ruby. No functional programming or math skills required.

Haskell is a purely functional programming language. It treats programs as much like math as you can, requires you to think more than you type, and can express the idea of infinite lists in code! These are just the more obvious Features that make Haskell unlike any other programming language

Will Kurt currently works as a Data Scientist at Quick Sprout. With a formal background in both Computer Science (MS) and English Literature (BA) he is fascinated with explaining complex technical topics as clearly and generally as possible. He has taught a course section on Haskell at the University of Nevada, Reno and given workshops on Functional Programming. He also blogs about probability at CountBayesie.com.

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