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Life Cycles: Egg to Butterfly


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Discover all the fascinating steps involved in the transformation of a caterpillar to a butterfly. Follow the detailed progression of a butterfly's life from its beginnings as an egg, to forming a pupa and its stunning evolution into a butterfly. Life cycles is a vibrantly designed and illustrated series on this essential, ever-popular topic.

Each book in the series features the beautiful artwork of Stephanie Fizer Coleman depicting how a plant or animal evolves from birth to adulthood. Highly accessible text accompanies each image explaining the process of life cycles and a full image of the entire life cycle is presented on the final spread. The books also feature a wealth of extra information and suggested activities at the back.

A brilliant guide for children aged 4+ studying life cycles at school. Other titles in the series include:
Tadpole to Frog
Egg to Chicken
Acorn to Oak Tree

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