Life's Not Yoga

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Aurobindo said, "All Life is Yoga". Jacqui Burnett's life story is a testament to dealing with life off the mat.

Life’s Not Yoga: A Memoir is the story of one woman’s journey as she travels through America to make sense of her multiple traumas.

"Some people travel to India to find themselves, others to the USA! Life's Not Yoga is a compelling UPLIFTING must-read memoir. Through her story Jacqui Burnett shows us how to stay present in the face of our pain and fear, to overcome anxiety, heal our inner child and build a brighter future." - Natasha Dom, @sashadomyoga

She was born into a perfect family, but by age 16 Jacqui Burnett wants to kill her father.

Decades later Jacqui believes she's left her turbulent childhood past and the trauma of multiple near-death experiences behind her.

On the surface, she has everything she’s ever dreamed of – a solid education, success, and a wonderful husband.

What Jacqui doesn’t know is that she’s about to lose everything.

She was about to step into a board meeting but instead she slid from her office chair and cowered under her desk, sobbing. As managing director, she was meant to announce a year of outstanding results; instead, she was paralysed.’

In a desperate search for answers, Jacqui travels to America. Alone in the Rocky Mountains, her life starts unravelling and the truth of her chaotic childhood begins to emerge.

Amidst confused attempts to find love and meaning, Jacqui has to face death one more time, along with an avalanche of unexpected obstacles, before rising from the ashes to heal.

“What I found amazing about Life’s Not Yoga, is that many people write a memoir and tend to sugarcoat their role in the story, while painting other people with a bit of a tar brush. Jacqui Burnett does not do this and is open and honest about the times in her life when she does not come across looking so great.” – Janice Leibowitz – 101.9 ChaiFM

"Life's Not Yoga bounces between stream-of-consciousness and the exasperation of 'moving-on' and honest to goodness declarations of frustration at her own life choices. Burnett opens to her readers in the most admirable and courageous of ways, and I would be remiss as an empathetic reader if I did not acknowledge how difficult that must have been. Jacqui Burnett is a superb storyteller. Her life has not been easy, and it is an honor to read the prose of an incessantly curious and deeply courageous human being who seems to have made a lot of sacrifices to pursue her dreams. – Meg Orton, For the Love of MEG Book Reviews

"Equal to the power of Jacqui’s circumstances is the power of her voice (her written word). It is one of the most commanding voices of any memoir I have read, filled with clever observations that ring true. Thank you, Jacqui Burnett, for being so courageous to share and thus providing 'an educational tool for readers also wanting to live a life of joy'. - Natalie Wittwen, Stillness in Motion

“It’s Jacqui’s engagingly frank voice and fierce self-enquiry that drives this fast-paced gripping tale through all its spirited twists and turns.” - Nina Geraghty, Writer and Developmental Editor

“On one level, this is a tale of looking for love in all the wrong places, but on a deeper level, it’s a story of how adversity, viewed through the lens of insight and wisdom, leads to hope and redemption. The miracle is that she comes out the other side alive - and willing to use her life story to inspire others to survive and flourish.” - Giles Griffin, Writer and Writing Guide

This memoir is for anyone who has battled with emotional abuse, financial loss, depression, heartbreak, divorce, burnout, PTSD, anxiety, or fibromyalgia, looking for understanding on how to heal themselves.

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