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Meditations in a Crisis


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A Practical Guide with 8 Meditation Exercises for Adults & Children

5 Stars (Readers' Favorite) "The author writes from an expert point of view. He clearly knows his subject, believes in it, feels an urgent need to share it with a world in crisis, and walks readers through each step of a simple but rewarding process. It prompts children and adults alike to ponder concepts like "I'm part of an un-ending universe", "I'm part of creation", "I matter", without stepping on anyone's personal beliefs." Reviewed by Tammy Ruggles for Readers’ Favorite

The ability to stop overthinking and worrying is essential for our mental and physical health, but it takes at least some effort. Recognising the demands and pressures of life in a worldwide crisis, Paul has produced 8 different meditation exercises and guides you through them. Each exercise is flexible to the time you choose, taking as little as 6 seconds, 60 seconds, 6 minutes or longer. The exercises can be done in isolation, anytime and anywhere. Paul has also provided adaptations so that children can participate, bringing the family together in times of crisis.

Marmalade Publishing and Paul Kolberg have agreed to donate fifty percent (50%) of royalties from the sale of this book to help fight against Coronavirus (COVID-19). Your valued contribution will be used by registered charities and foundations to identify potential treatments and to accelerate their development.

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