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Prime Cuts The Very Best Of The Beast From The East (Digipack) (2 CD)

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  • Kategorie: Muzyka / blues
  • Wykonawca: Popa Chubby
  • Nośnik: CD
  • Ilość nośników: 2
  • Producent: Edel
  • EAN: 4029759134091
  • Data wydania: 2018-09-19
    Jest to data ukazania się towaru w danej wersji na rynku


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1. Life is a beatdown
2. Angel on my shoulder
3. Hey Joe
4. Stoop down Baby
5. Sweet goddess of love and beer
6. San Catri
7. Caffeine and nicotine
8. Grown man crying blues
9. Theme ("The Godfather")
10. Hallelujah
11. Somebody let the devil out
12. I can't see the light of day
13. Dirty lie
14. Daddy played the guitar (and Mama was a disco queen)
15. There on Christmas
2. If the diesel don't get you then the jet fuel will (Live From Blues In Hell)
3. Race with the devil (Live From Rodeo Bar)
4. Hey girl
5. Sidewinder
1. Go fuck yourself
6. Walking through the fire
7. Sorry man
8. Back to N.Y.C. (Demo Version)
9. You got to wipe your pussy off your face before you kiss me
10. Take off eh? (Demo Version)
11. Oh rock and roll you heartless bitch