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Recordead Live - Sextourcism In Z7 (CD/Blu-ray)

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Data wydania 29 lip 2019
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1.Sexorcism (Live)
2.Would You Love a Monsterman (Live)
3.Missing Miss Charlene / House of Ghosts (Live)
4.Your Tongue's Got the Cat (Live)
5.Heaven Sent Hell on Earth (Live) [Explicit]
6.Mr. Killjoy (Live)
7.Rock the Hell Outta You (Live) [Explicit]
8.Blood Red Sandman (Live)
9.It Snows in Hell (Live) [Explicit]
10.She's a Demon (Live)
11.Slashion Model Girls (Live)
12.Naked in My Cellar (Live)
13.Rock Police (Live)
14.Hug You Hardcore (Live) [Explicit]
15.Evilyn (Live)
16.The Riff (Live)
17.Nailed by the Hammer of Frankenstein (Live)
18.Who's Your Daddy (Live)
19.Devil Is a Loser (Live)
20.ard Rock Hallelujah (Live)