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A Dangerous Man (Elvis Cole 18)

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'Just keeps getting better and better' - DAVID BALDACCI
‘Slick and enjoyable’ - SUN
'Top-notch fun noir' - SUNDAY TIMES CRIME CLUB (starred review)


Joe Pike wasn't looking to save someone's life on the day he left the bank. But when he saw Isabel, a young teller, being forced into a car by two men, he had no choice but to chase them down.

Not long after they being released on bail, the men are found dead and Isabel is missing. After his handling of the men, Pike is a prime suspect, along with Izzy – was this an abduction gone wrong? Or did it go exactly how she planned?

Convinced that her life is in danger, Pike involves Elvis Cole in a search for the truth, and for Izzy. But they’re not the only ones desperate to find her – and desperate men are dangerous.

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Data wydania 23 sty 2020
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