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Animal Ark, New 2: Scaredy-Dog

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Helping animals, having fun!

The best-selling Animal Ark series has been reimagined for a new generation of children. Perfect for animal lovers and fans of Holly Webb and Magic Animal Friends. A special bumper-length book with two stories in one!

Amelia and Sam are looking after chocolate lab puppy named Coco for a week. They take the playful little pup to dog training classes, but their snooty classmate Tiffany doesn't want to join in - even though her own puppy, Sparkle, is scared of everything from loud noises to other dogs. When Tiffany hosts a birthday party with loud fireworks, Sparkle gets frightened and bites Coco. Can Sam and Amelia help the scaredy-dog overcome his fears? And will the two puppies ever become friends?

A brilliant animal series from multi-million-selling author Lucy Daniels, loved by parents and children alike!

"I remember reading these books as a child myself. Now buying them for my own daughter... Delightful stories!"
"I love this series of books. They made me realise how special animals are!"

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